Miss Bolivia

by Meeko Cheech

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“…psycho candy-pop goodness. Even the Russian judge would have to concede this new Meeko Cheech jam is a 10.” - Quick Before It Melts

"...This is dark pop, with an weirdly eerie vibe. Mood altering, and mind blowing. Wonderfully original, with a dramatic, full sound that attaches itself to every brain cell. An insanely good time!" - I Can't Believe My Earz

"Yes! It’s really good! All over the place, musically, melodically, creative, and even beautiful." - Yeah I Know It Sucks

“…Miss Bolivia takes the listener on a sonic adventure through an array of styles and sounds. It opens with the dark, hallucinogenic vibes of the title track, which morph into the spooky, orchestral "Art & Sofa" then veer into the spiralling, synth-driven "Hotline." "Parallel" and "Robert Fripp" serve up some atmospheric, post-punk grooves before it all wraps up with the crunchy, guitar-heavy closer "Shock Unit." - Exclaim

“…I have listened to your band, and I really don’t like your music” - W.G Agreda


released June 27, 2015

Recorded 2014 @ RiverWorks Music, Mommy’s Hairy Underground, DM Mobile Unit & Absent Studios
Recorded by Mike Rocha, Dan Miller, Omri Horwitz
Mixed & mastered by Ryan A. Mills, Toronto

Mike: Vocals, guitars
Dan: Keyboards
Tristan: Trumpet, accordion
Shane: Drums, vocals

Artwork by Philip Marc

Thanks: Omri Horwitz, Rivi NoGuilt, Dunnit, Mike Rocha, 5000, Alexandra Suisham, Philip Marc, Dorice Tepley, Giles Bothelho @ Yonge Oak, The Jokeman, Dale Tidy Photography, Katelyn Everson Photography & Upside Down Idol for not taking Hotline.

71% to yesterday, today and tomorrow. Yuseddit, I love a Dour Amateur.



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Meeko Cheech Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Miss Bolivia
psychokinesis gets blood in my eyes
cover gorilla cuts ‘em down to size
machine gun a marvel ‘till god says we’re through
wonder a challenge, it ain’t nothing new

the system commanded the wisdom was sound
the system commanded hold onto red hands
and the wisdom was sound

electrostatic dream painting my head
crash land on moonscape deployed and dead
mobilized unit in negative sweep
diffract cryogenic conduce to increase
Track Name: Art & Sofa
hello, miss subconscious
lets play with a gun
it’s midnight again
look twice at the sun
graphic combination
kitty eats twin bee
watch man’s best friend feast on
feast on dead meat
my quick concentration
red hat and black pants
i use your umbrella
i don’t ever dance

bless this mess
christmas sky
follow out
i got my art and sofa now

kicking up enough dirt
for your pores
that open wide
hanging in the galley inside
bedrock and gasoline backdrop
the rest is you
so long to get into your mode
a nice change of scenery
to avoid standing still
the thing to do simply
Track Name: Hotline
got me going one more time
my catalysts align
maintain to stabilize
combustible, my habits
we only live at night

i only see what i want to seize
i only hear what i want right here
destructible, my habits
we only live at night

watch it come alive
watch them in disguise
watch it come alive
into paradise
Track Name: Parallel
well, i’m no hendrix
gold brains turn brown
sold my appendix
best gig in town
lincoln continental
yeah smooth boy smooth
easy and gentle
hey kid, stay cool

drinking wine in a brandy glass
wait a second then die in last
never use it, but it’s going fast
penny living my life with class

sandbox seduction
borsalino hat
mainframe production
straight down the hatch
suitcase and statue
two cavities
who the hell’s matthew?
liquid debris
it’s a nemesis
two lips for free
oh so fabulous
on a title screen

and the miles are coming
round and round
Track Name: Robert Fripp
they may be lazy
but they just want to quit
always baby maybe
they say play something crazy
but i ain’t robert fripp
no, i ain’t robert fripp

sugar clouds on a silver tongue
can barely sing, i just play along
regal cries on matchstick dreams
sweet highs on pink moonbeams
Track Name: Shock Unit
i’m coming down
so i sit in the shadows
my sun
it got no shine
sinking ship
don’t give me no paddle
leave me and my device