Capricorn Sideways

by Meeko Cheech

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" impressive work with a mature sound, something that many bands take a number of releases to achieve properly." - Earmilk

"...the band grabs attention right from the get-go." - Broken Pencil

" It's like a hand-made holiday scarf clumsily knit with guitar, filthy bass,
frantic keyboard/organ sounds and percussion." - !Earshot Magazine

"...a more sedate, experimental Death From Above 79 if fronted by Courtney Taylor-Taylor." - Sonic Masala


released January 11, 2011

Recorded @ Roachmouth Records by Mike Rocha

Mike: Vocals, guitars
Dan: Keyboards
Shane: Drums, percussion

Additional musicians:
Alexandra Suisham: Saxophone
Tristan Murphy: Accordion
Jaymie Eimyaj: Background vocals
Eric Euler: Keyboards
Mike Rocha: Percussion, keyboards

Artwork by: Chris Laxton Photography, & Lee Travaglini @ Infectious Studios.



all rights reserved


Meeko Cheech Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Collateral Apparatus
dress in a cabinet
take a sleeping pill when i wake up
'cause i've had it
venus with a penis
dead eyes through a pickup truck
yeah, 'cause i seen it

look up
hook up
shut up

design and refine it
got a bird's eye view with a clip-on tie right behind it

look up
hook up

do aftermath in real time
cut in half, divide by two and multiply
net: 680 in kilograms
i kick the scratch and i look up high
now i'm stranded
Track Name: Easy Squeeze
i'm a mouse
i bite the skin
i'm in the grass
now i'm in

hello, friend
this again...
you begin
a perfect ten

strike a pose
painted toes
i use you up
then dispose

play the part
after dark
on your mark
real sharp

i'm a mouse
i bite the skin
i'm in the grass
now i win

shiny as a diamond
lights are all i see
smoke cigarettes on the top floor
still come after me

boots runs right on up
this is what she screams:
i'm an easy squeeze

8,7,6,5,4,3,2, none
Track Name: Emoticonnotations
falling through shadows, it hurts
but now i can climb my way up a grey stare
left my paint brush for a mirror
to see myself as a pair
santa's in shorts on the weather report
and i lost my keys, oh well
santa's in shorts on the weather report
she can't speak, can only spell

your pointed shoes
salon hairdo

capricorn, sideways at once
the dunce laughed himself out of his chair
speaking in tongues
collapsing a lung
my raincoat has a tear

high beams above

santa's in shorts on the weather report
break a leg, let's go for a swim
santa's in shorts on the weather report
best of luck to shiny tim

used to want some change
now everything's fine
be careful what you wish for
be careful what you wish

blind cartoons from our hands
Track Name: Sharp Numbers
two caskets contain two elfs
where's the third one gone?
i'm the space gun and electric kid
noma lights hang inside my ship

i give cpr to a vcr
painted war cats driving to crash
bullseye shot from an amputee
melt the piano then referee

they built me without a mind
they fucked me out of a mind

emergency exit sealed
panther frogs stand at the wheel
forever seems too far
i'll use your blood to run my car

bald woman in chains
singing my song
only boxing gloves on
they call me a futurist
classic mind with neon twists

two prongs, pronto
plastic, pronto
spastic, pronto
time's up, bronco
Track Name: Ape With Sunglasses
canopy of the obvious
come right along, have a seat
there's a way to sympathy
forget or come on
what about all the rest of them?
bananas in the head
here's the way how to do it:
play dead

release the ghost

execute the words i'd have
a speech take from a mime
ty quinn, he tanked himself
banked a run with the dead
bosses say now a split, 1 to 99
we can make our way home now on vines

lost in the tides
we can make our own way home on vines
drown in the tides
drowned in the tides
Track Name: Flies On The Floor
did i really make this?
you wait and it changes
today, ice an island
we live neo-science
recall i was convinced
recall a fingerprint

create automatic
picture automatic
reset automatic
release, thought i had it

attack and complete
systems go, system's seized
life device set to three
captain's blog you know i'll never read

angels and violins
see-through trumpets scream

sleep with my eyes open
device lost inside