by Meeko Cheech

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"...Motif travels to a lot of places in just five songs, but it rarely loses its cool." - NOW Toronto

" impressive work with a mature sound, something that many bands take a number of releases to achieve properly." - Earmilk

"...the new EP, Motif, is so ludicrously good, I wondered if someone was trying to pull one over on me. " - Quick Before It Melts

"...the band grabs attention right from the get-go." - Broken Pencil

" It's like a hand-made holiday scarf clumsily knit with guitar, filthy bass, frantic keyboard/organ sounds and percussion." - !Earshot

"...a more sedate, experimental Death From Above 79 if fronted by Courtney Taylor-Taylor." - Sonic Masala

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Recorded 2012-2013 @ 108 Sound Recorders, DM Mobile Unit, Reel Cod, Mommy's Hairy Underground & Müller Sound Berlin.
Recorded by: Dan Miller, Omri Horwitz
Engineered by: Mike Rocha, Dan Miller, Omri Horwitz

Mixed & mastered by Mike Rocha @ RiverWorks Music, Toronto.

Mike: Vocals, guitars
Dan: Keyboards, percussion
Shane: Drums

Additional vocals: Omri Horwitz & Shane on "Wrecks"

Artwork by Erin Loree. She is amazing; check out

Thanks: Omri Horwitz, Mike Rocha, Miller family, Stjepan Pintaric & Trematron, Joe Teethmarks, Lavien Lee & Revolvers, Second Cup, KATCHmaxim, Chris Laxton & Dan Cohen @ All Star Video, Andrew Pulsifer & Silent Shout, Alexandra Suisham, Tristan Murphy, Erin Loree, Philip Marc.


released March 4, 2013



all rights reserved


Meeko Cheech Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Wrecks


you can come anytime
rainbow junk into an ocean line
paint a harp right on the walls
but i digress

so vicious


Track Name: Jaymie Brownie
she roots for races on the moon
she roots for races on the moon
black coat firing hand
she likes lorazepam
she roots for races on the moon

ronnie's late
sam will lie
johnny's mad
manny's high

escape from your exotic tomb
drift away on a black balloon
black coat firing hand
she likes lorazepam
she roots for races on the moon

frankenshine magnifies his demise
so petrified

live in the clouds and don't pay tax
see yourself made of ice and wax
we all wanna leave, we all come back
we all wanna leave

teethmarks on a styrofoam cup
cute as buttons 'til she woke up
Track Name: Mask Of Gems
mask, mask of gems
mask made of gems

i cut with a pencil
lilypads and octagons
lander and fixer
did i say my name in blood?
frontier and invention
teleport a tiny dose
modern schematic
off/on reduction go

i tweak heaven line by line
like holden, between time
bionic kids combine
alphabetette design
Track Name: Motif
grape jelly castles and the muffin police
pineapple jukebox sing a song to me
concrete island's a picture of time
mariella's got the spotlight

a chandelier blows out of your nose
eyeball of wisdom from a tadpole
broken arms always litter the space
illusion please, alleviate

let's spend an evening stoned in iceland
got my wetsuit and my life command
cotton balls hid inside my queen
as it seems, the ocean screams

insane in russia sets the spirits ahead
blast a chasm, paint the boy red
henchmen in action take the world at night
snowball sets a beach alight

upside down
find a hidden march
Track Name: Fur Island
been to manhattan twice
on floating landmines
brainwash and airdry
a stop sign starts to bleed
fake teeth and weird speak
with embroideries

now's time to size me up
action, it's your cue
some kinda sacrifice
hell, it's all for you
i don't mean to intrude
on your new tattoo
i'll see this one again
yeah, ain't no debut

set sail to bombay
on the new bamboo
i missed the snow this year
'cept a week or two

ivory rats chew inside
gay cobras pull on ice